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GPS Tracking Systems and Devices - What do they do?

There are alot of GPS tracking systems and devices available in the market, however very few would be deemed cost effective or user friendly and convenient tools to the user. It is worthwhile shopping around to ensure that you are receiving the type of device or system that meets your needs. We have compiled some general information below, which may assist you in understanding GPS technology to help you with your research and purchase. We hope you find it useful.

What is GPS ?

The Global Positioning System is a constellation of satellites that orbit the earth twice a day, transmitting precise time and position ( latitude, longitude and altitude) information. With a GPS receiver, users can determine their location anywhere on the Earth. Position and navigation information is vital to a broad range of professional and personal activities, including hiking, hunting, camping, boating, surveying, aviation, national defence, vehicle and asset tracking, navigation and more.

The complete system consists of 24 satellites orbiting about 12,000 miles above the Earth, and five ground stations to monitor and manage the satellite constellation. These satellites provide 24-hour-a-day coverage for both two-and three-dimensional positioning anywhere on Earth. We utilise 10 satellites within the Asia Pacific region, which service the Australian continent.

Development of the $10 billion GPS satellite navigation system commenced in the 1970s by the US Department of Defence, which continues to manage the system, to provide continuous, worldwide positioning and navigation data to US military forces around the globe. However, GPS has an even broader civilian commercial application. To meet these needs, GPS offers two levels of service, one for civilian access and the second encrypted for exclusive military use. The GPS signals are available to an unlimited number of users simultaneously, and there is NO CHARGE for using the GPS Satellites either.

How does GPS work?

The basis of GPS technology is precise time and position information. Using atomic clocks and location data, each satellite continuously broadcast the time and it's position. A GPS receiver receives these signals, Listening to three or more satellites at once, to determine the users position on earth.

By measuring the time interval between the transmission and the reception of a satellite signal, the GPS receiver calculates the user and each satellite. Using the distance measurements of at least three satellites in an algorithm computation, the GPS receiver arrives at an accurate position fix. Information must be received from three satellites in order to obtain two-dimensional fixes (latitude and longitude), and four satellites are required for three dimensional positioning (latitude, longitude, and altitude).

Who Uses GPS?

GPS receivers provide positioning, velocity and navigation information for a variety of markets and purposes. Anyone who needs to know the precise time or the exact location of people or objects will benefit from GPS. In turn, this information can be used in charting and mapping, plotting a course, navigating from point to point, tracking vehicle movement, locating previously identified sites or any number of similar functions.

Why use GPS Tracking Technology?

There are many significant opportunities to increase the efficiency, productivity and accountability of your business through the simple and cost-effective implementation of an effective GPS Tracking solution. Improvements will lead to an increase in profitability and almost all the benefits can be applied to any service, delivery or sale within your business. A GPS tracking system works by installing a transceiver into each vehicle or piece of equipment. The unit then reads location information from the GPS satellite network and sends the co-ordinates and other variables such as speed, preset locations visited, distance travelled, time sheet summary reports, alarm events and more to a web based server.

Swintech GPS Tracking Solutions specialises in a range of GPS tracking systems and devices which can be customised to meet your needs. Contact us directly for any additional information or to discuss your needs.


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