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Swintech Smart Home

"Tomorrows technology, Today"

Swintech Home Automation Solutions has experience in the design, supply, installation and integration of Home Automation, Home Theatre, Intelligent Lighting, Multi-Room audio, Security technologies and Home Networking.

Our staff will deliver the solution for any requirement to offer these services when and where they are needed. We offer maintenance and support providing expert back up and product information as new technologies expand into the market. Each home is linked with a network of enhanced structured cabling, high speed data cable, high specification coaxial cable and the highest quality   multi-strand copper speaker cable from designated rooms to the stylish and discreet Smart Cabinet.

Home networking is the wiring of all computer and electrical devices within the home. These networks are also known as sub-systems. Examples of these systems are:

Voice / Telephone Network
A single incoming telephone line is distributed to six different locations in the house.

Data / Computer Network
Using Broadband, Wireless or telephone technology, printers, scanners and computers can be shared among multiple users making your home into a mini office network.

Security Network
Integrate security systems and devices, strobes, door contacts (reed switches), and dual-purpose motion detectors, smoke detectors, sirens , video capture, and back to base alarms.

TV / Video Network
Single source free to air TV, satellite, cable, VCR, DVD and digital TV and security cameras may be watched on any TV set in the house.


Home Theatre Network
Custom designed to specific tastes and budgets. We offer many brands of speakers, receivers, DVD's, plasmas and projectors, designed professionally to bring the complete cinematic experience to your home.

Audio Network
Multi-room audio sound systems enable music/audio to be played in different zones (rooms), i.e. The CD/DVD player in the living room may be played throughout the home using designated speakers.

Intelligent Lighting Network
Intelligent lighting provides security and convenience with a wide range of options such as pre-programmed lighting scenes.
Swintech is product neutral and offers systems with a variety of switches and touch pads for the look you desire.

Access Control Network
Access control systems using traditional keys and/or smart cards fulfill two main objectives. Firstly, to record and control traffic flow, (pedestrian or vehicle) and secondly, to protect privacy and property.

Network Appliances
More home appliances are being developed to run on the home network.
Swintech will 'Future Proof' your property to welcome this emerging technology into your home.

Swintech Home Automation Solutions will design, project manage, supply, install, commission and support the Home Network.

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