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Panasonic Security Cameras for CCTV

With continuous changes to technology as we move forward, security cameras continue to evolve at a rapid rate. There are many different types of cameras available in the market, however you should always be aware of the types of cameras you are receiving as part of your CCTV system. From pan tilt to fixed, external to dome, auto iris to infrared cameras, you need to ensure the people designing and installing your system address all of your needs and customise a solution specifically to your requirements. It is important that you get the most out of your CCTV system, and more importantly it delivers on what it promises. Below are descriptions of just some of the cameras that Swintech Security Solutions uses and recommends when designing a CCTV system.

WVCP480 Series - Panasonic SD III 1/3" Colour & BW Double Speed CCD
  • 1/3-type double speed CCD colour image sensor.

  • The new Pixel Based 160x Dynamic Range with area free natural contrast image correction adjusts moment-to-moment changes in contrast to view subjects accurately in all areas and positions.

  • Other new features include auto back focus, sabotage detection and auto image stabiliser.

  • Switches from selected colour mode to B/W mode, automatically or manually.

  • Higher horizontal resolution of 540-line (typical) at colour mode, and 570-line at B/W mode.

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WVCW370 Series - Weather Proof SDII Day/Night Colour Camera
  • IP66 environmental structure, streamline shaped camera.

  • Built in heater function for varying temperatures.

  • SDII for 80x dynamic range. 510 line horizontal resolution.

  • 1.0 lux colour (0.15 B/W). 5-40mm Varifocal Lens.

  • Digital Motion Detector. 50dB Signal to Noise. 240VAC/24VAC/12VDC

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WVCP474HE - Compact WVCP474
  • reduced size: 67W x 55H x 53mmD 24Vac only
  • Combined with WVLA210C3 - Fits TH485 Corner Housing
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WVCW474AFE - Panasonic SDII 1/3" SD colour-B/W HP Camera 24VAC
  • Panasonic DSP Super Dynamic Dome Camera 480 TV Lines
  • 3.8-8.0mm Varifocal lens

  • 50db Minimum illumination 0.8lux @ Colour

  • 0.01Lux@B/W with optional dome cover WVCW1C

  • Complete in Vandal resistant IP66 housing

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WVCP474 - Panasonic SDII Colour-B/W Camera 12VDC/24VAC
  • 1/3" Colour CCD Camera feat. 480 TVL (colour), 570 TVL (B/W)
  • 50db, 0.8lux @ F1.4, 32 x electronic, 0.1lux @ F1.4 B/W mode
  • Sensitivity up, Motion Detection, Remote set up via coax or on board, 3rd Generation Digital Signal Processing
  • Dynamic range at 80db for improved light
    handling characteristics
  • An extremely high quality fully featured CCVE Camera
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WVCP250 Series - Panasonic DSP 1/3" Colour -B/W CCD Camera
  • 1/3" Colour CCD Camera feat
  • 480 TVL (colour), 570 TVL (B/W)
  • 50db, 1.0lux @ F1.4, 32 x electronic, 0.15 lux @ F1.4 B/W mode
  • ELC Function, AC 24,240Vac
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WVCP240 Series - Panasonic DSP 1/3" Colour CCD Camera
  • 480 TVL , 50 dB
  • 2lux @ F1.4, 0.6lux @ F0.75
  • ELC Function, 240VAC
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WVCF212 - Panasonic 1/4" Colour CCD 2.5" Fixed Micro Dome
  • with 480 TVL 50db agc off 5lux @ F3.8
  • VD2 compatible 12V DC Operation
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WVCF224 - Panasonic 1/4" Colour CCD 2.5" Fixed Micro Dome
  • with 480 TVL 50db agc off 5lux @ F3.8
  • VD2 compatible
  • 12VDC/24VAC Operation
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WVCP160 - 1/3' SDII VP Power Down The Coax Camera
  • 480 TV Lines, 0.8 lux @F 1.4
  • Requires camera Drive unit WVPS154
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WVCL920 Series - Panasonic 1/2"High Performance Colour-B&W Camera
  • 24VAC/12VDC/240VAC

  • DSP 1/2" FIT Colour CCD with 480 TVL

  • 50db, Colour 0.3lux @ F1.4, B/W 0.02lux @ F1.4

  • Electronic Sensitivity, Motion Detection

  • The FIT CCD Pick Up device has characteristics that provide excellent colour rendition, limit smear due to bright images

  • The low light sensitivity is remarkable with extreme low light colour images produced

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WVCW244 - Vandal Resistant IP66 Colour Camera
  • Vandal resistant IP66 dome camera
  • WVCW244 surface mountable with E-1225-01 base
  • 480 line horizontal resolution. 50dB Signal to Noise
  • BLC, Auto Tracing White Balance (ATW)
  • Monitor output terminal for easy install
  • 3.8-8.0mm varifocal lens. VD2 Sync
  • WVCW3H heater unit available for varying temperatures
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