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Navman is a recognised world leader in the design and manufacture of fleet management and communication products that utilise GPS (global positioning satellite) technology. With a Navman Fleet Manager system, you can use real time information to proactively and efficiently organise your mobile workforce and their workload. Youíll also be able to analyse your fleetís performance to make efficiency and productivity improvements in the future.

An investment in Navman is an investment in your bottom line. With reduced costs, improved customer satisfaction and increased fleet efficiency, Navman customers are finding savings of many thousands of dollars per vehicle, every year. And when the payback period is over, Navman will add to your bottom line, year after year. This isnít high-tech for the sake of high-tech, itís a quantum leap into a future where every minute, every drop of fuel and every opportunity counts.


Navman Wireless is at the forefront of the current growth in Mobile Data and GPS Vehicle Tracking development. With many years experience in the telematics industry the company aims to encourage this rapid growth, by enabling businesses to improve or replace time consuming and usually manual tasks associated with managing a mobile workforce.

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