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Business Alarm Systems by Magellan

Your business is probably your livelihood and a means to support your family and lifestyle. You work hard to grow your business and whilst insurance can cover the costs of replacing stolen items and materials, prevention is better than the cure. A quality alarm system can help protect your business and reduce the possibilities of being robbed.

Before you decide on the type of security system you want, it important that you know what services and equipment are available to keep you and your property secure from risk. To ensure that you are getting the best security and home safety system for your needs, it is strongly advised that you seek the advice of professional security experts. As part of a quotation, these experts can properly survey your premises, and recommend the best security system to meet your specific needs.

There are a range of alarm systems that contain the necessary items for adequate protection of your business premises, however in choosing Swintech Security Solutions to design and install a security system, you are assured that you are receiving premium quality products which utilise leading digital technology. Can you afford to not protect your business?


  1. Built in FM Radio (model 6060 only)

  2. Hands free telephone (model 6060 only)

  3. High quality voice sound

  4. Family message centre

  5. Receive system status 3 ways (light, text display and voice)

  6. Access System features via remote phone access (model 6060 only)

  7. Step by step audio guidance

  8. Fully portable and can be installed anywhere

  9. Alarm Clock

  10. Home Automation capable (x-10)

  11. Chiming

  12. Remote control operation via a keyless remote

  13. List-in feature

Introducing state of the art Wireless Digital Alarm System technology. The Magellan is an all-in-one wireless security system that combines high security, ease of use and unique consumer features with a designer look that you may never have associated with security. So many features all in the one control panel, yet at an affordable price. Fully portable alarm system that you can take with you even when you move.

Reputed Security:

  1. Hands-free, two-way communication with monitoring station for emergency assistance

  2. Voice reporting

  3. One-touch emergency keys for immediate police, fire and medical assistance

  4. One-touch activation keys

  5. Full, force, stay, instant and automatic arming methods

  6. 16 wireless zones

  7. 16 users

  8. 16 remote controls

  9. 256 events buffered

  10. Built-in piezo siren


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