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Swintech Home Automation Solutions

Your Home: Comfort & Convenience

It might sound like life in "The Jetsons," but a home automation system can provide safety, security, convenience, energy conservation and peace of mind - all from a single control panel.

How it works

A "smart home" can range from fully automated, with every appliance controlled, to a more basic system controlling lighting or home entertainment equipment. The technology varies between manufacturers. Larger-scale automation systems operate with computer software, while smaller installations use a single thermostat-like control panel. High-end systems can include voice-control features. Some of the devices you can control through home automation include your furnace, air conditioner, lighting, security equipment, entertainment systems, fire and carbon monoxide detectors, and even curtains.

An example of home automation programming might be:

5:30 a.m.: Thermostat raises a few degrees to warm the house.

6 a.m.: Music starts softly to wake up family members - classical in the master bedroom, alternative rock for the teenagers.

6:10 a.m.: Lights turn on to 25 percent, music increases volume 25 percent.

6:20 a.m.: Lights increase another 25 percent; the coffeemaker starts in the kitchen.

6:30 a.m.: Lights are at full illumination, music softens again.

6:45 a.m.: A stern voice in the teenager's room says "Get up NOW or you will miss the bus."

7:30 a.m.: As the last family member leaves, lights and music and coffeemaker turn off, the thermostat goes back ten degrees and the security system activates the sensors on the garage and kitchen door.

The benefits

Safety and security are the biggest benefits to a home automation system - lighting and sound/motion sensors are connected to a computer program that track activity 24 hours a day, and notifies you and your local police or fire department if anything is wrong.

If your budget allows, you can opt for a web-enabled system that allows you to monitor your home over the Internet while you're at the office or on vacation. Wireless systems are taking over the market, requiring no complicated wiring or even knowledge of computers. This is an especially good option for existing homes. The ability to control thermostats and lighting can save energy as well. While any $50 programmable thermostat can raise or lower room temperature automatically, automatic lighting can help reduce energy costs as well.

What is Home Automation and Network Integration?

Buzzwords such as intelligent homes, smart homes are becoming a common description of what is available and expected today in the home. Allowing personal choice of equipment and the ability to integrate with a central building control system. Controlling the home environment you live in for instance lighting, temperature, audio, visual, Internet are all available at the touch of a button. With one command a whole sequence of automated functions can commence.

Why implement Smart Home Network Automation?

More and more of our lives are now automated, the home market being far behind commerce, business, retail and transport. An automated home should bring benefits to the end user. In the home market these should always include time saving from repetitive actions, cost savings from increased control and most of all an enjoyable relaxing 'smart' home. Future proofing of new technology, Home Automation Smart Network Solutions will endeavour to provide a cabling or conduit system which can copy with all the most commercial and foreseeable requirements of the future. Such equipped homes attract substantial premiums on resale.

Future Proofing

We cannot forecast what technological advance will happen in the next 20 years, we can however plan and achieve a "True Future Proof Home" by some very simple planning and installation. By not only installing the very fastest of communication cabling but a simple conduit system back to a central location will allow new technology cabling or expansion of the system. As with most systems, integration is achieved by Infra Red and Radio Signals by way of instruction to equipment, correct selection and installation allows the best in functionality and reliability.

When is the right time?

Now is the time to take advantage of this 21st century technology to provide you with the latest time saving devices, security protection and all benefits which your automated 'smart' house will bring. Look at the features and products available on our web site and then talk to us and bring your ideas to fruitition. Visit our Smart Home summary example on the left hand side navigation for an overview.

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