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GPS Tracking, Navigation and Asset Management Solutions

Swintech GPS Tracking Solutions is an independent GPS solutions company, and specialises in a variety of portable and fixed GPS tracking devices and systems. By being an independent GPS solutions provider, we have the ability to assess your needs and recommend the most suitable system.

Swintech is a distributor for the NAVMAN vehicle management and tracking solution which is designed to monitor all types of applications using the Global Positioning System in conjunction with mobile phone technology. Included in these solutions is an advanced, extremely cost effective fleet management and asset tracking system, which can assist with improving productivity and security for small, medium and large fleets, and the user can simply access the information from any location at any time via an internet connection and web browser. It is not restricted by geographical location, does not involve any lengthy contracts and includes national mapping as standard. In comparison to competitor products it has many advantages.

Swintech also specialises handheld and NAVMAN portable GPS tracking, navigation and security solutions. They provide excellent flexibility in being able to use them as portable or fixed devices and are extremely good value for money solutions, given the types of GPS technology being utilised.

Our range of GPS solutions can be customised to suit almost any type of application so please do not hesitate contacting us for additional information and to discuss your needs and requirements. We have the ability and expertise to design, install and deliver a customised GPS tracking solution to meet your needs. Below are just some of the benefits that can be obtained in installing a GPS tracking system.

Benefits in utilising a GPS tracking solution

  • Consider introducing the GPS system to your employees as part of a bonus and cost savings program. Employees and staff need to quickly accept the idea of using GPS technology to keep up with the times and increase the financial position of the company; rather than “big brother watching over them”. Employee’s value their jobs in a tighter economy, more than they do the idea of being supervised. At the end of the day, GPS technology is essentially just another management tool to help you better run your business.

  • GPS technology can be actively used to resolve customer disputes related to arrival time, service duration and service location. Employees will appreciate this level of detailed support.

  • By knowing the exact location of a vehicle or asset, and having the ability to pin-point their location on a web-based map, remote staff that are lost can be better helped. This helps the employee stay on schedule and not have to speed or work over time to recover lost time.

  • Slow your vehicle's average speed. Get your vehicles to stay below 100 km/h on the highway and 60 km/h on other roads. This relates directly into fuel consumption, maintenance and accidents which could save up to 20% on your monthly fuel bill. Tracking vehicle maintenance will only be evident over time. It might take a year for you to really see the difference on your bottom-line but it has to come if you are driving fewer kilometres and at the legal speed limits.

  • Verification of the accuracy of time cards can be a key area for improvement with most companies recovering the cost of the each unit in relatively short periods of time. Have your administrator compare the GPS start-stop report to the time cards since the unit has been installed. Determine what the average margin of error is and then compare that to the time cards before you installed our GPS system. The benefit can equate to thousands of saved dollars, per employee, per year.

  • Actively monitor the time per stop or call. A good service manager will know exactly how long a quality service call or delivery will take. By watching the reported time they can determine whether the employee is spending too much, “unproductive time”, or too little “valuable” time with customers and clients. This results in fewer customer cancellations, allowances, returned goods and an increase in sales. Efficiency is the key here.

  • Use the fact that you are utilising the latest GPS technology as a competitive advantage. Telling customers that you will be there between 8am – 5pm is becoming less acceptable in the marketplace. Customers want more accurate and better informed call times. When all else is equal between customers, use of GPS tracking technology will be a distinct sales advantage.

  • Contact your insurance carrier and request a discount when you can show them your vehicles are now driving slower, driving fewer miles and you are reducing the risk of accidents. If the insurance company will not give you a reductions, shop around. There are insurance companies that will once you can show an improvement.

  • Use the Alarm event functions and preset locations features to eliminate moonlighting, driving after hours and unwanted stops during the workday. This will save you money on wages, fuel, maintenance, limit your liability and provide for better customer service. Your driving policy must be a written policy to reduce your liability in case of legal action. Consult your legal counsel for preparing this document.

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