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Ness M1 Controller


Commercial Alarm Systems

Your business is probably your livelihood and a means to support your family and lifestyle. You work hard to grow your business and whilst insurance can cover the costs of replacing stolen items and materials, prevention is better than the cure. A quality alarm system can help protect your business and reduce the possibilities of being robbed.

Before you decide on the type of security system you want, it important that you know what services and equipment are available to keep you and your property secure from risk. To ensure that you are getting the best security and home safety system for your needs, it is strongly advised that you seek the advice of professional security experts. As part of a quotation, these experts can properly survey your premises and recommend the best security system to meet your specific needs.

There are a range of alarm systems that contain the necessary items for adequate protection of your business premises, however in choosing Swintech Security Solutions to design and install a security system, you are assured that you are receiving premium quality products which utilise leading digital technology. Some examples of the alarm control panels that we use and recommend are listed below which are expandable as your needs change and are totally compatible with other Ness Security products such as CCTV and Access control equipment. It makes sense to heighten the security in your business and depending on the solution, you may even be able to replace the need for regular security patrols of your business premises.

  Intelligent Integration for:

  • Security
• Automation
• Lighting
• Access Control
• Telephone


“Ness M1 will allow you to apply technologies you could previously only imagine”

  • Large zone capacity: 16 on-board, expandable to 208
  • Two Way Listen-in interface
  • Flash Memory - Allows field updates to firmware
  • RS-232 serial port interface to computers and other devices
  • Time/Date stamped 512 event history log
  • Menu driven keypad programming - no manual required!
  • Voice announcement of alarms, zone descriptions, status, etc.
      - 500+ Word/Phrase Vocabulary
      - Link up to 6 words/phrases per announcement
      - 10 custom recordable words/phrases
  • 13 On-Board Outputs: 1 voice driver/siren, 1 siren driver/voltage, 1 relay, and 10 low current (50 mA)
  • Includes fire alarm verification outline
  • Can be partitioned into 8 separate areas and accounts
  • 99 User Codes (4 or 6 digit) with assignable authorities
  • Arm levels: Away, Stay, Stay Instant, Night, Night Instant, Holiday
  • Plug-in terminals make service and pre-wire simple
  • Hardware “watchdog” and nonvolatile EEPROM memory
  • Supervised phone line
  • Supervised alarm output
  • Supervised power supply over current


  • True V.22 bis modem for fast reliable upload/download
  • Optional Ethernet port for user operation, programming
  • Built-in Telephone Remote makes any phone a keypad
  • Integrated Voice dialler uses vocabulary or custom word/phrases
  • Digital Dialler: SIA, Contact ID, 4 + 2, and Pager
  • Installer telephone (buttset) test feature
  • Ness-RP PC programming software includes conflict resolution to easily highlight differences between control and PC. Connection methods include: Dial-up (including automatic answering machine bypass), ethernet, or local from RS-232 port or house phone jack


  • Create lifestyle enhancing comfort, convenience, and security
  • Powerful “Whenever/And/Then” RULES Programming allows almost any imaginable operation. No need to chain rules together. Any single “Whenever” event can have one or more ANDs and THENs (conditions and commands).
  • Rules utilise easy to understand text based references
  • Control lighting using RS-232 serial or 2-way Power Line Control (PLC) ports for On, Off, Dim, All On, All Off commands
  • Sunset/Sunrise calculation and activation / onboard astronomic clock
  • Transmit and receive custom serial ASCII strings
  • Read Temperature Sensors and communicate with Thermostats
  • Turn on Tasks, Lights, Outputs via Keypad or Telephone Remote
  • Networks with a broad range of other systems Power Supply


  • Heavy duty - 2.5 Amp power supply w/ 1.5 Amp continuous
  • Dynamic battery test
  • Master power switch and Low battery disconnect
  • PTC (fuseless) resettable overload protection
  • Multiple auxiliary power terminals


  • Backlit, Large Character LCD Display, 16 x 2 lines
  • Built-in Temperature Sensor
  • Optional Plug-in Proximity Reader (26 bit Weigand) with support for Weigand reader by any manufacturer
  • Menu navigation keys and programmable function keys
  • Plug-in connector, only 4 wires to the control
  • 1 Zone input and output Programmable per Keypad
  • Programmable real time clock display inc date, & temperature
  • Displays system diagnostics and settings.
  • System supports up to 16 keypads


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