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The entire Ness Pro Series range of DVRs offers exceptionally fast recording frame rates to take their place at the very high end of current industry standards.

DVR users are increasingly demanding larger video storage at high frame rates. The Ness Pro Series provides a solution to this complex problem.

Pro Series DVRs maximise storage space and image quality using highly efficient MPEG4 video compression with adjustable frame sizes and resolution on a per camera basis.



Pro 16/15
16 Channels - up to 15 hard drives with RAID

Featuring provision for up to 15 removable hard drives, the Ness Pro 16/15 provides up to 4.2 Terabytes of video storage, which can translate into up to a year of non-stop video recording.

The onboard RAID feature protects against video loss caused by HDD failure.

Pro 16/15, providing the best possible value in a high end DVR. With USB ports for connection of external data backup devices such as USB CD-RW burner.

Offsite N.A.S. and S.A.N. video storage capabilities included.


Pro 16/8
16 Channels - up to 8 hard drives with RAID

The Pro 16/8 has large storage capacity with up to 8 removable hard drives providing up to 2.4 Terabytes of video storage.

The Pro 16/8 includes a built-in CD-RW burner and 7-in-1 memory card reader for copying footage. With onboard RAID for data protection.

Offsite N.A.S. and S.A.N. video storage capabilities included.


Pro 16/2
Part No. 100-405

Pro 12/2
Part No. 100-468

Pro 8/2
Part No. 100-404

Pro 4/2
Part No. 100-479

These Ness Pro DVRs can be fitted with up to 2 removable hard drives for a total storage of up to 600GB. All models feature 192fps global recording frame rate and real time display.

The built-in CD-RW burner adds powerful archiving and evidence gathering functionality, making it simple to copy video sequences for off-site viewing on a PC.


Pro 4/1

The Ness Pro 4/1 has all the features of the Pro Series including high speed 100fps frame rates for real time recording.

This powerful 4 channel DVR has provision for one removal hard drive up to 500GB. Features include Multi-tasking operation for simultaneous live viewing, recording, playback and remote viewing / High speed LAN / CD burner built-in and much more.



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